Why Moving to a Condo is a Form of Self Care

Older adults planning to downsize and move to a condo benefit from more than just having reduced square footage to care for. While it can be bittersweet to see the kids move out on their own, this transition can be seen as a beneficial commitment to self care. This change can have a positive impact on stress levels, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Why Condo Life Equals a Celebration of Self

A new mindset among older adults unapologetically places a higher priority on personal happiness. This can result in behaviours such as returning to school, taking up new hobbies and sports, along with embracing travel and even exploring new career options. All of these activities are a form of self care, since they place a focus on the happiness and overall health of the individual. In order to facilitate these behaviours, many older adults are rejecting single-family houses in favour of condos.

The move to condo living can impact numerous aspects of a post child-rearing individual or couple’s lifestyle. There are often higher monetary and time commitments associated with owning a large, single-family house. It can often mean giving up hobbies, spending less time with friends and even maintaining a career that no longer brings the individual joy. All in the name of maintaining a large house.

Since, “empty nesters” no longer feel a need for houses with sprawling backyards, vast kitchens, and multiple gathering spaces for the children’s sake, many are embracing a sense of freedom when it comes to choosing where and how they live. Oftentimes, this means a move to low-maintenance, amenity-rich condos.

Still Family Focused

The move to a condo doesn’t mean keeping the kids away. On the contrary. In fact, condo life is actually great for children, whether they frequently visit their grandparents, or if they call a condo home fulltime. Spacious 3-bedroom suites make it possible to maintain dedicated guest space that the kids and grandkids can call a second home. Space can also be easily aside for use as an office or hobby room.
When you pair these spacious suites with family-friendly amenities such as pools, kid’s play areas, along with social lounges, dining rooms and outdoor terraces, visiting the grandparents can feel like a luxury vacation.

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