Turn the Great Outdoors into Your Dream Terrace

Terraces are one of the best parts of condo living, as they provide a beautiful outdoor escape in the heart of the city. Your terrace is an extension of your home which means adding your own personal touches is a must to ensure a cozy and comfortable space.

Determine Your Style

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Before you begin decorating your terrace it’s important to determine what style you want. If you want a space to relax, sticking to neutral colours and lots of plants will create a serene space. Or if you want a terrace for entertaining guests, you can decorate with different types of furniture.

Add Greenery

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Because your terrace is an exterior space, it’s only fitting that it should be decorated with plants and flowers, to truly create an outdoor escape. Flowers create a happier and more peaceful environment, as well as make the air a little fresher.

Incorporate Bench Seating

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Bench seating is ideal for small areas as it utilizes every inch of space, so you and all your guests can sit and enjoy each others’ company. Bench seating is also inexpensive, as you can make your own from plywood or even crates.

Install Flooring

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Adding carpet or interlocking deck tiles to your terrace creates a very polished and homey feel. Fairly inexpensive, flooring can take the style of your terrace up a notch, as well as make the ground less cold on your feet in the evenings.

Utilize Vertical Space

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When decorating small areas, it’s not only important to focus on floor space, but also utilize vertical space. Hanging plants against the dividers, or even installing a hammock chair or bench is a simple way to conserve floor space.

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