The Kingsway Theatre

Photo courtesy of Historic Toronto

Big, bold, neon letters stand tall, reading “KINGSWAY” and this vintage marquee is constantly featuring the names of the different films playing weekly. The Kingsway Theatre’s charm and character is unmistakable, conveying to patrons before they even walk through the door, that there is history here.

Opened in 1939, at the beginning of World War II, the 700-seat theatre has become a local relic over its almost 80 years of existence. The theatre’s grand entrance is reminiscent of a time when the silver screen was the quintessence of entertainment. The theatre was advertised as “a modern picture palace” at the time of its opening.

Photo courtesy of Historic Toronto

As one of the few remaining single-screen theatres in Toronto, seeing a movie at the Kingsway is truly an incomparable film experience. Although you won’t find any men sporting a wool fedora or suspenders, or women wearing shoulder padded dresses and pearls, the theatre transports you back in time through its antique charm.

After the company that owned it at the time folded in 2006, the Kingsway remained vacant for two and a half years. It was then purchased by Rui Periera, a Canadian architect who renovated it and reopened the theatre in early 2009. Periera did a wonderful job of simply updating the theatre rather than completely redoing it, preserving its classic features.

Pay a visit to this timeless fixture, whether you’re looking to relish in a romantic Saturday night with your partner or enjoy some family time with the kids.

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