The Benefits of Raising Kids in a Condo

There was once a time, not long ago, when people believed that a backyard was an essential part of a positive childhood experience. To this end, young families often felt pressured to accept the maintenance demands and expense that comes with owning a house, whether it truly suited their lifestyle or not.
Thankfully, times have changed, and young families have come to recognize the fact that the size of a child’s backyard has no impact on their sense of wellbeing. Growing up in a condo can be a marvelous experience for children of all ages. Here are some of the benefits of raising kids in a condo:

Greater Sense of Community

In this day, when neighbours in communities of detached homes rarely even know each other’s names, the closeness associated with condo living tends to have the opposite effect. Proximity plays a large role in the closeness shared by condo-dwellers vs. those in single-family houses. The amenities present in new condos means that there are numerous opportunities to be within close proximity to other families. The children and families will not only see each other in the lobby, hallways or in the elevator, but also in shared green spaces, social areas, and fitness facilities. The result being a greater sense of community and camaraderie.


Advanced security technology and the physical presence of security personnel or a concierge can make families feel safer than being “on their own” in a house. Additionally, the principal of strength in numbers is certainly a factor when it comes to the heightened sense of safety young families tend to feel in a condo environment.

Endless Activity

Kid-centric, family-friendly amenities have become an integral part of newer condo developments. Pools, outdoor play areas, and indoor kids’ zones mean that home can be a wonderland for busy little ones to explore and enjoy.

Improved Family Time

The absence of the backbreaking labour associated with owning a house can mean more time spent enjoying the family. Raising kids in a condo can mean splashing in the pool with the kids rather than spending half the summer trying to maintain it. It can also mean enjoying a Saturday morning movie marathon instead of a marathon of mowing, weeding, feeding, and edging the lawn. Combine this with the fact that condo suites offer a more efficiently spaced family environment, often resulting in families spending more time together in the home.

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