Sweet Treats in Etobicoke

Summer is the time to get outside, laugh and indulge and there’s no better place to spend the season than Etobicoke. With so many amazing dessert spots you’ll always have somewhere new to explore and something new to taste.

Sweet Olenka’s

Photo courtesy of @queenie.best via Instagram

Nothing truly says indulgence the way a chocolate truffle does and Sweet Olenka’s is the place to go for all things gourmet chocolate. Their truffles are decadent and delicious, but their taste isn’t the only thing that sets them apart. Their truffles are also individually hand decorated and come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes and designs.

Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Photo courtesy of @thatdopefood via Instagram

Tom’s Dairy Freeze has been a fixture in Etobicoke since 1969 and has only continued to gain popularity. Their famous soft-serve ice cream is made with real cream and is the reason locals keep coming back for more. Whether you like toppings, flavour bursts, sundaes or banana splits, Tom’s has it all. You won’t help but feel nostalgic when you pick up your sweet treat from their retro-style walk-up window and enjoy it while sitting out at their picnic tables.

Lola’s Gelato

Photo courtesy of @lolasgelato via Instagram

Lola’s Gelato is a sweet lover’s dream. They serve up delicious gelato, with unique flavours like birthday cake, Bailey’s Irish cream and toasted almond. However, that’s not all you can get at Lola’s, they also make beautiful gelato cakes, freshly baked cookies and brigadieros, a sweet and creamy Brazilian dessert.

Sticks N Scones Bakery and Cake Workshop

Photo courtesy of @sticks_n_scones via Instagram

Sticks N Scones Bakery and Cake Workshop has all the baked goods you need, whether you’re bringing desserts over to a friend’s house for dinner or are in need of a specialty cake for a celebration. Their scones, cupcakes, squares and other confections are always made fresh with seasonal ingredients and their specialty cakes are almost too beautiful to eat.

Ma Maison

Photo courtesy of @mamaisongourmet via Instagram

Bringing you all the decadent tastes of France, Ma Maison specializes in delectable French pastries, cakes, sweets and bread. Visit them to satisfy your sweet tooth with and try something new and exciting. Their fruit tarts, macarons, pain au chocolate and crème brûlée cake are all must-try items.

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