Moving Tips for Condo Living

There are endless reasons why so many people are choosing to purchase condos, whether they’re first time home owners or move down buyers. Getting the keys to your new place is exciting but moving can often become a source of stress. Here are some key tips to ensure your moving day goes off without a hitch.


Before you begin packing up your belongings and prepping for your move, it’s important to sort through your stuff and ensure you’re only packing things that you want and need. A general rule to follow when purging clothing is if you haven’t worn it in the last year, get rid of it. This rule also applies to belongings, with the exemption of keepsakes, if it hasn’t served you any purpose in the last few months, you most likely don’t need it.

Downsize your furniture & appliances

Moving into a condo means downsizing furniture and appliances, whether you’re getting rid of certain pieces or purchasing entirely new furnishings, it’s important to be realistic about your space. Take measurements of your suite before you begin moving in to make sure your furniture and appliances are the correct size. If you are having new furnishings delivered, make moving day a little easier for yourself by delaying their delivery by a few days, to minimize chaos.

Brush Up on Organizational Hacks

Staying organized is a very important rule to follow when aiming for an easy move. Select a packing system that works for you and stick to it. Label all your boxes and bins so when it comes time to unpack you can find everything easily. Purchasing reusable bins for packing also comes in handy after you’re moved in, because you can use them to store clothes or other belongings and keep your closets organized.

Find Out Your Condo’s Moving Rules

Moving into a condo requires slightly more planning and preparation in comparison to a home. Most condo buildings require you to book a service elevator for your movers to use and only allow move-ins on certain days. It’s important to speak with your condo manager ahead of time to ensure you have access to an elevator and know exactly what the allotted moving hours are.

Lock Down Your Movers

Hiring a moving company is often a great way to save you both time and headache when moving into a new home. Movers alleviate the stress of renting a van or truck and struggling to fit all your belongings into it. They are also equipped with all the tips and tricks on how to seamlessly get your furniture through the front door, regardless of sharp turns or narrow hallways; hurdles that you may have a difficult time overcoming on your own.

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